3 Benefits of Metallic Photo Prints

Posted on: 5 August 2021

While photos are traditionally printed on paper or canvas, you can also print them on metals, such as aluminum. This process uses a heat sublimation technique which transfers the image into the surface of the metal. What are the advantages of metal photo printing? 1. Make Photos Look Better While a photo printed on paper or canvas can look impressive, you sometimes lose some definition. The print medium can absorb some inks which detract from the finished results.
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5 Strategies To Use Art To Your Advantage In The Office

Posted on: 21 January 2021

Do you love art collecting? If so, decorating your office with art that makes you happy is one way to marry your business and your personal hobby. But how can you choose the right art pieces for the office? Since doing so can add so much value to your business, here are five ways to decide what to hang up. 1. Express Your Personality Tell visitors and clients who you are through your artworks.
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