3 Benefits of Metallic Photo Prints

Posted on: 5 August 2021

While photos are traditionally printed on paper or canvas, you can also print them on metals, such as aluminum. This process uses a heat sublimation technique which transfers the image into the surface of the metal.

What are the advantages of metal photo printing?

1. Make Photos Look Better

While a photo printed on paper or canvas can look impressive, you sometimes lose some definition. The print medium can absorb some inks which detract from the finished results. When you print a photo onto metal, then the inks infuse into the surface. They become part of the metal itself. You get a true reproduction, with better clarity and definition.

Plus, if you're hanging a printed-out copy of your photo, then you'll often put it behind glass to give it extra protection. However, this glass produces glare. You won't always see the true beauty of the photo if the glass affects your view at certain angles. You don't need to put a metallic print in a glass frame. It doesn't need this extra protection. So, glare won't be a problem, and your photo will look stunning from all angles.

2. Get Damage-Resistant Prints

Regular photo prints can get damaged over time. If you hang a print in the sun, then it might fade. Papers and canvases might degrade so that they lose their tight and even surface. Plus, softer print materials can get scratched. They can tear. The inks themselves can come away from the surface if they get damaged. Your photo print won't necessarily stand the test of time. Metal prints, on the other hand, are more robust; they are less prone to damage. A metallic photo isn't likely to fade in direct sunlight in the same way. The metal won't scratch. Even if you have some surface damage, this is less likely to affect the print itself. The dyes in these prints sit under the surface of the metal. You can't scratch them off, and they won't degrade. Your print will look better for longer.

3. Get Easy Maintenance

You can't always easily clean a paper or canvas photo print. You risk damaging the surface and the print itself. For example, you might smear inks or rub them off if you clean a print too aggressively. Metallic prints are almost always easier to clean. You simply have to find an appropriate way of cleaning the metal. You won't come into contact with the inks on the print as they are embedded into the surface. So you can clean a print without worrying about damage.

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