5 Strategies To Use Art To Your Advantage In The Office

Posted on: 21 January 2021

Do you love art collecting? If so, decorating your office with art that makes you happy is one way to marry your business and your personal hobby. But how can you choose the right art pieces for the office? Since doing so can add so much value to your business, here are five ways to decide what to hang up.

1. Express Your Personality

Tell visitors and clients who you are through your artworks. Look for pieces that show parts of your personality, whether it's your love of impressionists or the modern thinking of industrial artwork. Art choices can be an easy way to introduce yourself to visitors and help them to understand you — or your business — better. 

2. Tell a Story

You could use art throughout the office to tell a story and provide a more interactive experience. That story might be told through various examples of a particular school of art or an artist's different periods. Or it might be a literal story, such as your business's history in different decades. Likewise, it may be the story of your inspiration to start your own business. 

3. Highlight the Community

Many customers love a business that is involved in the local community. One way to show that you support the local area is to collect and display art from local artists and businesses. You might even offer it for sale to help up-and-coming artists. 

4. Create a Feeling

Every piece of art engenders feelings in viewers. These vary wildly, so you can choose pieces that fit exactly the mood you want to build in each area. Landscape paintings, for instance, are generally calm and relaxed. On the other hand, abstract art and pop art can be very vibrant and youthful. You might, then, use fun artwork for your reception area and calming works in conference rooms. 

5. Rotate Your Choices

Don't feel like you must make one choice in artwork for all time. If you're not married to individual paintings in specific locations, you're free to rotate paintings and fill the office with new things from your collection. People will enjoy the additions and visitors have new things to look at when they return again and again. 

Which of these strategies would work in your office? No matter whether you want to tell a story, highlight the community, or show people who you are, the right art goes a long way toward your goal. Learn more about using art in the office by meeting with an art collection dealer in your area. 


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