How To Look At Impressionist Artwork

Posted on: 2 February 2022

If you are interested in art, you may have heard about Impressionism. Impressionism is a movement of art from the 1800s that depicts a variety of ordinary subjects in a unique manner. While the art style originated in Paris, there are many artists from different countries who have created gorgeous impressionist works.

If you are trying to examine impressionist artwork, there is a lot to consider. Here's what you should know about impressionism if you are trying to learn more about art styles.

Know the Beginning of the Genre

As you begin to look at impressionist paintings, it is a good idea to know some of the basic artists who helped establish the genre. They include Monet and Renoir. These artists steered away from some of the art styles that represented art exactly as the artist saw it. This type of art was notable in that it sought to depict traditional ideas with new insight.

Know the Techniques

The techniques commonly associated with impressionist work include short strokes to capture shapes and ideas rather than details. Colors were not typically mixed, and the edges of colors meeting each other were often not distinct.

Painters played with light and color to achieve different results with the strokes. This helped artists portray traditional settings or sceneries in a new way. You might notice that many of these paintings look blurry, as if you are looking through a dirty or wet window at something in the distance.

Know the Scenes

The subjects could be quite ordinary. Some impression art depicts women sitting at bars or restaurants. Some represent dancers or people getting ready for the day. Some depict nature or buildings or streetscapes. The idea of impressionism is that a painting can show somebody an impression of something rather than depict the specific details themselves.

What sets many of these scenes apart from others is that they commonly depict things that could be painted immediately rather than in a studio setting. The artist would not have posed or set the scene in many cases. They could simply paint what they saw.

Impressionist Artwork Has a Lot to Offer

If you are trying to choose one style of artwork over another, you might consider the levity that impressionist artwork can add to an office or a room. An artwork seller can help you find great impressionist works that enhance the style of a room.

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